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We listen to the needs of the company and put them on a Software..

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We designed the product of your choice and a good price. And we develop tools.

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For our customers, we provide the hosting and domain for your website.

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Our Software Products

  • SiteAd
    Content Management for Web pages.
  • SiteAdCommunity
    Content Manager to manage multiple websites.
  • Kstor.
    Software work order management, business Línea Comunicaciones
  • Cryogen.
    Management Software frozen species and genetic characterization, company CIAT.
  • Virtual Album.
    Album that was developed to keep track of employees of Transport Securities Company Atlas Transportadora de Valores.
  • AtlasInsumos.
    Input management software that controls the inventory for each of the venues and the national inventory, this project was conducted to Atlas Transportadora de Valores.
  • SIRA.
    Software management of customer complaints, company Atlas Seguridad.
  • ELITA.
    Software for nursery management, developed for PROFRUTALES, la Corporación BIOTEC y Colciencias.
  • 2CHANGE.
    Management tool for counting the money that comes to the safe Transportadora de Valores Atlas.
  • Software Registration Of Participants.
    This software records the registration of participants to an activity, was developed for the Ministry of Agriculture and Development of the Mayor of Palmira.
  • Software Money Transfers and Delivery.
    This software is “Coopetrans Tulúa” development, with this software the company transfers controls and Deliveries their financial operations. This transactions happen in real time in the Valle del Cauca.
  • Luciérnaga.
    Management Software streetlights with resume handling luminaires, georeferencing, service orders and inventory. Maps were generated for the same location using Google Maps.
  • SwatSoft.
    security Software that controls arrivals, payroll payments and receipts from customers (clubs) . This software is available or  android, the customer can look the company's information in his smart phone. New York.
  • W5-notas.
    Software for the management of students, teachers and qualifications for schools..



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